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Monday, March 26, 2012


Dear... dearest all... whoever you are...

After such a long hiatus, here I am back to action! 2012 brings new faces... new students I've never taught before. Lots of expectations from my BIG bosses lol! Will I chicken out? Nay, I will fight till the end of my breath... cewah! Seriously, I MUST make sure lots of A's & 80% (at least) will pass their English paper. But hey! Why not? Though it seems like a fairy tale, I must try my very best. NEVER SAY NEVER!

Time flies so fast. It's already March & believe it or not next week it's going to be April. I've begun to feel the heat yet after entering a class today, I wonder whether my beloved students feel it. Their lackadaisical attitude MUST be changed! How? Well, I must really use all the strategies I've learned before but if they don't work, I'll search for new ones. There're various sources everywhere. I must always be optimistic. ;D

So, dear all.... action speaks louder than words! Till next time, adios!^^

p.s. One of the strategies.... more & more exercises for my dearest students... The more, the merrier..... hahaha!!!!

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