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Saturday, May 21, 2011

SPM English Blog

My dearest students,
This week all of you are challenged mentally. I'm sure if you've done enough revision, you're fully equipped to sit for your mid year exam. Here I am, blogging for more information about the latest SPM English format. Guess what! I've found this wonderful blog which I believe is just the right one for you. It's for SPM candidates but I think it's no harm to visit it even though you aren't one of them. It's educational & the most impotant thing is IT IS ALL ABOUT ENGLISH!

If you are interested to improve your English especially in writing, click HERE . The blogger is Jenny Ho who is also the writer of the Essential English SPM book pubished by Longman. Aren't we lucky? Don't forget to visit SPM ENGLISH whenever you are ready.

p.s. The best of luck in your Mid Year Exam, ya!


  1. for continuos writing,if they to write on famous person that you admire most....can i write about my neighbour(she is doctor)? will i lose my marks?

  2. Dear knight,

    Sorry for the late reply. A long hiatus indeed. Well, if you admire your neighbour & would like to write about her, why not! If she's famous, it's better. If she is ordinary, why not make her extra-ordinary. Use your creativity to change her into a 'somebody'. Make her famous... A make-believe is accepted in writing. Be descriptive and be imaginative. Avoid making grammar & spelling mistakes ya..